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Christian Counseling Major

The mission of the Christian Counseling program is to provide the es-sential courses in psychology and counseling that prepare the student to be able to verbalize a counseling theory and practice that is fully integrated with a Christian worldview, demonstrate the interpersonal, research, and diagnostic skills necessary for enrollment in a graduate program in the psychology and counseling field, and demonstrate the knowledge necessary to serve as a promoter of mental, emotional, and behavioral health.

Christian Counseling Course Requirements | 120 Total Hours

General Education Foundation (33 hours)

General Electives (9 hours)

Biblical/Theological Foundation (18 hours)

Major (60 hours)

Biblical/Theological Concentration (18 hours)
  • BI 212 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • TH 301 Christian Doctrine I
  • TH 302 Christian Doctrine II
  • Any 9 hours of BI, OT, NT courses
Christian Counseling Concentration (42 hours)
  • PSY 201 General Psychology (included in General Education Foundation)
  • PSY 305 Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • PSY 307 Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 310 The Psychology of Learning and Teaching
  • PSY 330 Marriage and Family
  • PSY 335 Personality Theory
  • PSY 340 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • PSY 370 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 380 Psychological Tests and Measurement
  • PSY 390 Techniques in Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • PSY 400 Research Design and Methodology
  • PSY 410 Social Psychology
  • PSY 415 Physiological Psychology
  • PSY 440 Counseling Practicum
  • PSY 490 Directed Research

College Catalog

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