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Biblical Studies Major

The Biblical Studies major is designed to provide an undergraduate biblical foundation for students preparing to continue their education at the graduate level to obtain ministry skills, and for students desiring to continue in graduate studies in biblical literature. The Biblical Studies major is one of seven Theological majors students may choose from at BCF.

The Biblical studies major provides an intense load consisting of 33 hours specifically in Old Testament and New Testament studies. In addition to the Bible courses, this program offers 34 hours of supporting courses such as Old and New Testament Theology, Hermeneutics, History and Greek or Hebrew to list a few. Included with these intensive courses are the 33 hours of General Education and 18 hours of Biblical and Theological Foundation required of every student seeking a degree at BCF. This unique program offers YOU the best in Biblical Education.

Biblical Studies Course Requirements | 122 Total Hours

General Education Foundation (33 hours)

Specializations within the General Education Foundation
  • HI 211 and HI 212

Additional General Education (3 hours)

  • EDU 2010 Psychology of Teaching and Learning OR PSY 310 The Psychology of Learning and Teaching

General Electives (15 hours)

Biblical/Theological Foundation (18 hours)

Major (53 hours)

  • BI 201 Old Testament Backgrounds
  • BI 202 New Testament Backgrounds
  • BI 212 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • CE 301 Principles of Teaching
  • GRK 201 and 202 OR HEB 201 and 202
  • PHI 301 Problems in Philosophy
  • OT 301 The Doctrine of Creation
  • OT 331 Old Testament Theology
  • OT 332 Old Testament Prophecy
  • OT 441 Genesis
  • OT 445 Deuteronomy
  • OT 451 Psalms
  • NT 321 The Life of Jesus
  • NT 322 The Life of Paul
  • NT 331 New Testament Theology I
  • NT 455 James
  • NT 458 Revelation
  • OT or NT Electives (6 hours) (or an additional six hours of a biblical language)
  • BF 490 Biblical Studies Integration

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