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A Message From I.T.

Starting Monday morning the I.T. Department will be doing major changes to the BCF wireless internet systems across campus. This may briefly affect services in some areas. The changes will be as follows:

  • There will no longer be 2 wireless networks called "bcf wireless" and "bcf wireless secured"
  • The new networks will be "BCF WiFi" and "BCF Visitors"
  • The "BCF WiFi" network will be broadcasted across the entire campus
  • The "BCF Visitors" network will be only in a select few areas where guests will be visiting (i.e. Administration building, Wellness Center, Graceville Hall, Student Center)

Anyone with a valid BCF account (Staff, Faculty, Students, Visitors) can use either of these networks. The main difference in them is how they authenticate.

"BCF WiFi" is configured so that once you successfully connect to the wireless network once, you will be able to roam around the campus from building to building without being logged out of the wireless session and having to re-enter your credentials again. The settings will stay in your device and automatically connect to the network (when your wireless adapter is on and configured) and you not have to enter any information about your account until your BCF password has changed. This is a more secure network where all of the traffic going across the network is encrypted with a strong cypher for greater security.

"BCF Visitors" is configured in a similar way as the old "bcf wireless" network was. When you connect to this network, you will be shown a welcome/login page prompting for your username and password. After you enter this information in, you will be connected to the network. After a 6 hour period of inactivity on the connected device, your session will be logged out and before you can browse the internet again you will have to re-enter your credentials.

Upcoming BCF Events

7/31/15 - All Summer Session Ends

8/6/15 - Faculty Prayer Retreat

8/11/15 - Faculty Workshop

8/13-14/15 - New Student Orientation

8/17/15 - First Day of Class

9/14-16/15 - Prayer Conference

9/16/15 - Constitution Day

9/23/15 - See You At The Pole

10/12-14/15 - Missions Conference

10/23/15 - Preview Day

Chapel Speakers

Monday - 8/17/2015: Dr. Thomas A. Kinchen, President, The Baptist College of Florida, Graceville, FL

Tuesday - 8/18/2015: Dr. Thomas A. Kinchen, President, The Baptist College of Florida, Graceville, FL

Wednesday - 8/19/2015: Dr. Thomas A. Kinchen, President, The Baptist College of Florida, Graceville, FL


Chapel Podcast

Click the link below to listen to the complete list of Spring 2015 Chapel Speakers!

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